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Dan Fisk is always the consummate swordsman as he delivers another load of DNA to a younger partner, moaning, “Fucking give it to you, boy! I’m gonna’ fucking cum! I’m gonna’ fucking cum! I’m gonna fucking cum!” as he unloads several wads of fresh semen onto the gaping pink hole of his silent partner. (1,362) NWAL

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Adult film star, James Deen reveals his very human side when he discusses his social anxiety and stage fright in this totally non-sexual interview. As his audience, we assume he is a confident well hung stud with his beautiful cock and boyish charms, who knows how to give and take pleasure from with his partners, but he describes himself as someone who is constantly learning his craft, who deals with his humanity just like the rest of us. AMAZING (173)

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James Deen has his intense stare into his partner’s eyes whenever he makes love. It is incredibly eroticand adds to the sensuality of his swordsmanship. (8,977)

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James Deen is an incredibly handsome man with an amazing long and thick cock that he knows how to use to bring about awesome pleasure in his partners and himself. (His partner cums twice before she finally helps James over that orgasmic cliff. (6,170) 

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James Deen and Sasha Grey, behind the scenes, take a break from doing cover photos for the cover of their recent adult video. At first I thought James was simply thrusting to bring himself back to full hard-on, but then it is becomes evident they are simply enjoying each other and the benefits of their job while the photographer and James’ “significanr other”  wait and watch and casually joke. I love these spontaneous video sessions.. (8,645)

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Eleven amazing wads of cum from a beautiful man making beautiful love to himself. (23,541)

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Anonymous asked: 15 cm is able to penetrate "heaven's gate"? yes my bf is just 15 haha

Heaven’s Gate is at different depths for each catcher. If your boyfriend is penetrating your Gate, you KNOW it! It takes two, a good gatekeeper. and a talented well lubricated, long-enough battering ram to get through that Gate! Thanks for writing!  Please keep in touch!

When I participated in the World’s Skinnydip record in the Mid-Atlantic area of the USA, nobody was cock blocking like so many of these guys.  What’s up with that, men? (160)

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All About the Kiss (250)

All About the Kiss (250)

All About the Kiss (249)

All About the Kiss (249)

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